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Ever higher she climbs.

Yesterday I got a box in the mail.   I was planning to do so many things when I finally got around to opening it this morning.

Guess what was inside?

I totally forgot that I'd already ordered it.   So, anyway, I opened it up while I sipped on my coffee.  I never put it back down.   You know how you read an author's work and you're so pleased that you think you'll go for it again?   Sometimes I'm disappointed with the next book.   NOT THIS TIME.  This wonderful woman just keeps getting better and better.

I loved TANTALIZE.   I ADORE  ETERNAL!  Talk about upping the stakes.  It's such a good book. 

There's this one line toward the end that is so perfectly placed and so hilarious that when I finally stopped laughing and tried to start up again, yeah, the giggles hit me again. 

I have a challenge for you.  See if you can find this line.  Then marvel at the perfect placement of it.  It just pops out at you and your startled laugh just brings on another one.


So I take take it the Make Meredith Read competition really truly worked?

I hope my library gets this book soon so I can read it... but they do have Tantalize, so I'll start with that one first.
Yeah, it worked. *G* I had to realize that my attention span had shortened. I used to read every book from front to back in one sitting. Now, I need breaks.

Except with ETERNAL. I did read it all in one sitting. Maybe I'm working my way back up to this with every book.